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About Sumitra Manamohan

Sumitra has an amazing ability to unleash your hidden potential and mind power with her empathy, creativity, sense of humor and attitude.

She brings with her over 18 years of rich and varied experience in Corporate training and Life Skills including Coaching and Mentoring. AS a master NLP and Vipassana Meditation practitioner she incorporates these techniques into her workshops and coaching. 

An inspirational Speaker, Sumitra has been a toastmaster for 20 years and is Bangalore’s first woman Distinguished Toastmaster(highest certification from US based Toastmasters International for Communication and Leadership Skills) She also has over 25 years of Corporate PR experience (in-company and Consultancy)

She has trained in reputed companies like Infosys, MercedesBenz, HP, IBM,Oracle, Wipro, GE,Praxair, Macmillan Publishing, Robert Bosch, Sobha Developers, Mphasis to name a few.

Her niche areas are Hi Impact Presentations, Empathetic Communication, Story Telling,Time & Stress Management, Mindfulness, Attitude Development, Emotional Intelligence, Performance enhancement and Interpersonal Effectiveness besides Written Skills.   

Sumitra Manamohan

Executive Communication & Presenter Coach


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Responsive Interpersonal
Communication Program

Responsive interpersonal executive communication is the ability to effectively interact with others in a professional setting, with the ultimate goal of achieving desired results. It involves understanding the needs, interests, and motivations of others and being able to effectively respond to their needs and concerns in a way that results in the best possible outcome for the organization. 

Improved customer service

Enhanced team collaboration

Increased decision-making speed

"Stand Out from the Crowd: Master Responsive Interpersonal Executive Communication!"

Impactful Presentations Program

The Impactful Presentations Blueprint is designed to help you learn the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to create powerful, effective presentations that have a lasting impact. Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and real-life examples, this program provides the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver powerful presentations with confidence. The Program, helps you master crafting and delivering compelling presentations with a confident and authoritative voice to ensure your success both in professional and personal endeavors.

Improved confidence and poise in public speaking

 Improved ability to create visuals that focus on key points

Improved ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise way

"Transform Your Presentations skills and Make a Lasting Impact!"

Emotional Mastery Program

The Emotional Mastery Program is designed to help executives uplevel their emotional intelligence and gain focus with the help of mindfulness and Smile techniques and Vipassana meditation for a professional setting. Through this program, executives can learn the techniques and strategies necessary to create positive outcomes in their interactions with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders in a mindful manner. Participants will explore the neuroscience of emotions, gain insight into their own emotional responses, and learn how to effectively be stress free to respond maturely whatever the situation or whoever it may be.

Enhanced emotional intelligence

Improved decision-making

Increased Focus and Productivity

 Improved Interpersonal Relationships

"Achieve Unprecedented Success: Unlock the Power of Executive Emotional Mastery!"


Executive Communication Hub

We are training the next generation of leaders for the new world. We provides access to best practices, insights, and strategies from leading professionals, top experts, and thought leaders on communication. 

Sumitra Manamohan

You’re Guide to "Five Communication Strategies to build Rapport"

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We at Smart Speak know that effective communication is essential for successful collaboration, building relationships, and achieving impact. That's why we want to share our five proven strategies for using communication to your advantage.

 These strategies are bound to help you build relationships, foster collaborations, and amplify your impact using communication and in the process unlock your career potential and unknown, unused talent and skills

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